Proteus is my first novel and has attracted a lot of good reviews. It is based on a plot that I dreamt one night and unusually could still remember in the morning. I was never very good at english at school and had never written a thing in my life and yet there I was half an hour late tapping away on my laptop. I wrote about 30 pages and then showed it to my harshest critic my mother. She said it was rubbish but interesting rubbish!

Armed with that seal of approval I wrote and wrote and really surprised myself. There were a few interesting moments especially at one stage when I got writer's block. I sat for hours staring at the screen unable to decide where the story would go next. I had sleepless nights but then came the realisation. The story would go wherever I wanted it to. Once relaised, there was no holding me and I finished the story fast although it took nearly four years and a lot od editing my the lovely Penny to get it into shape.

It is now published in paperback and well worth a read (I am a tad biased).

It is all about a couple of guys who are running a Ponzi scheme and laundering money for the mafia. Like all such schemes they do well for a while but eventually and of course inevitably the money starts to run out. That is when the trouble starts.

I wont tell you any more, it is now up to you to buy the book and find out for yourself.